NEW: The “My Writing Mentor” Program

There’s no satisfaction like completing your book and celebrating, because you know it’s really good – the kind of book that can attract a top agent and win an offer from a major publisher.

But moving forward all alone can be a challenge. You may be finding yourself a little stuck. That’s perfectly normal. Writing is a solitary art, which means staying on track can be hard.

If going it alone is holding you back, let me tell you about a way forward. Starting September 19, I’m offering a new program in which I can be your personal mentor.

This is a 3-month program called The “My Writing Mentor” Program. I designed it for a very small group. There are just 10 places. Registration is now open. We start on September 19.

If you’re facing a writing roadblock, I can help you break through it. Or, if you’re progressing well and want to see if you can take your writing to the next level, I’ll help get you there. Maybe you’re somewhere in between, or maybe you’re at the very start of your writing journey, and know you could advance best with personal support.

Sound good? Three months of personal mentoring, support, and progress. You’ll find all the details on my website.

Grow as a writer. Dare to succeed.

All my best,

Barbara Kyle

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